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ET3871 Standard Thermostatic Bath for Laboratory

Short Description:

Laboratorial Thermostatic bath is a high-precision, self-controlling temperature verification device.The fully enclosed cascade imported compressor refrigeration system is used to achieve high temperature control accuracy, uniform temperature field, and safe and convenient operation.

Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instrumentation, physics, chemistry, biological engineering, medicine and health, life sciences, light industry food, physical property testing and chemical analysis and other research departments, colleges and universities, enterprise quality inspection and production departments.

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Product Features

¤ Super protection function: waterproof grade IP67, any signal end is mistakenly connected with 220V automatic protection.

¤ High stability and uniformity

¤ Refrigeration system is of one-key control, highly intelligence  and more convenient operation

¤ Adopting sensor dual channel testing over temperature protection to ensure higher safety

¤ Reasonable protective measures are added to the motor part to prevent the occurrence of accidents

¤ Four-wire temperature control platinum resistance, temperature controller with HD four-wire chip, high precision level measurement technology.


Cooling Thermostatic Bath

Thermostatic Water Bath

Thermostatic Oil Bath

Model ET3871-80 ET3871-60 ET3871-40 ET3871-10 ET3871-95 ET3871-300
Temp Range -80℃~ +95℃ -60℃~+95℃ -40℃~+95℃ -10℃~+95℃ 10℃~+95℃ 80℃~300℃
Temp Fluctuation ≤0.01℃ ≤0.01℃ ≤0.01℃ ≤0.01℃ ≤0.01℃ ≤0.01℃
Temp Uniformity ≤0.005~0.01℃ ≤0.005~0.01℃ ≤0.005~0.01℃ ≤0.005~0.01℃ ≤0.005~0.01℃ ≤0.005~0.01℃
Working Area Size Φ130 ×480mm Φ130 ×480mm Φ130 ×480mm Φ130 ×480mm Φ130 ×480mm Φ150 ×480mm
Cooling Method Overlapping double machine


Overlapping double machine


Single stage refrigeration Single stage refrigeration /  


Working Medium   Soft water /Anhydrous ethanol Soft water /Anhydrous ethanol Soft water /Anhydrous ethanol Soft water /Anhydrous ethanol Soft water silicone oil
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Working Environmental Temp ≤ 30℃ ≤ 30℃ ≤ 30℃ ≤ 30℃ ≤ 30℃ ≤ 30℃
Power 4kW 3kW 2kW 2kW 1.5kW 3kW
freezing medium R404 R23 R404 R23 R404 R406a / /
Size 800×580×1180 800×580×1180 640×580×1180 640×580×1180 640×580×1180 640×580×1180
ET3871 Standard Thermostatic   Bathzhu
ET3871 Standard Thermostatic   Bathzhu

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