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  • Exhibition in Shanghai 2021/05/18 ~ 2021/05/20

    Exhibition in Shanghai 2021/05/18 ~ 2021/05/20

    Exhibition in SHANGHAI – Hangzhou Zhongchuang Electron Co., Ltd  20210518~20210520   
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  • Annual Party

    Annual Party

    It’s the end of the year 2019 and a time to celebrate the achievements and successes while also building the excitement for the year 2020 ahead.
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  • The History and Development of Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

    The Dry Body Furnace, also known as the Dry Well Furnace, is a portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrator.The Dry Block Temperature Calibrator is widely used in the field or laboratory temperature sensor calibration. Compared with the traditional liquid bath-type temperature calibration instrument...
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  • Dry Block Temperature Calibrator’s Maintenance

    Maintenance of soaking block and furnace After long-time use of heating block, it will oxidize, which is a normal phenomenon. The degree of oxidation is related to the use frequency, use temperature and use environment. If the soaking block is seriously oxidized, it should be replaced, otherwise ...
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