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The History and Development of Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

The History and Development of Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

The Dry Body Furnace, also known as the Dry Well Furnace, is a portable Dry Block Temperature Calibrator.The Dry Block Temperature Calibrator is widely used in the field or laboratory temperature sensor calibration. Compared with the traditional liquid bath-type temperature calibration instrument, the Dry Block Temperature Calibrator uses the dry body for heating or cooling, which greatly improves the speed of lifting and cooling, and greatly reduces the volume of equipment, which can meet the portable needs in the field application.

The world’s first Dry Block Temperature Calibrator was born in Denmark, used in the ship when sailing to ensure the safety of all systems and meet the accurate temperature signal calibration demands. As a developed country with a traditional shipping industry, Denmark has been a leader in area of shipbuilding technology since the Viking age. Today, Denmark’s shipping and shipbuilding industries still play an important roll in the world. A ship sailing independently in the ocean is similar to a small factory, with its own generator set, power unit, life support system, water treatment system, garbage disposal system and so on.In order to ensure the normal operation of these systems, it is very important to calibrate the indicators of relevant systems regularly.

Conventional calibration tools tend to be bulky and heavy, not suitable for carrying on board the ship.Based on the above situation, in 1984, Danish Johanna Schiessl and her husband Frank Schiessl jointly invented the first portable dry body furnace, and jointly established JOFRA instrument to produce the first commercial dry body furnace under their names.

The basic principle of dry furnace (dry type temperature calibrator) is simple. It heats or cools a metal block to a set temperature and keeps the temperature uniform and stable.The heated metal thermostat block serves as a medium to provide an adjustable, uniform and stable reference temperature field for the measured sensor to calibrate the measured temperature sensor.

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