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ET3875-300 Portable Thermostatic Oil Tank

Short Description:

Portable constant temperature oil tanks usually use methyl silicone oil as the working medium, heat the medium through a precise temperature control module, and at the same time use mechanical auxiliary stirring to quickly form a uniform and stable temperature environment in the working area. In this environment, it can be used for the verification/calibration of various temperature instruments (such as: thermal resistance, glass liquid thermometer, pressure thermometer, bimetal thermometer, thermocouple, etc.).

This product adopts touch screen design, intuitive interface, simple and convenient operation. The main interface displays the temperature of the working area in real time for easy viewing.

Product Detail

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● Fast temperature control and strong anti-interference ability

This equipment adopts the optimized PID control algorithm, which shortens the stabilization time, and the temperature difference of 30℃ can be stabilized in less than 15 minutes. Similarly, when the temperature is disturbed by the outside world, it can quickly stabilize again.

● Resolution 0.001℃, fluctuation ±0.01℃

The portable oil tank adopts the self-developed precision temperature control module, with appropriate heating and heating components and stirring device, so that the working environment temperature in the oil tank can be stabilized within 0.01 ℃. The high-precision temperature sensor is used in the constant temperature oil tank, which can make the resolution of the system reach 0.001℃.

● With 11 temperature calibration points, the temperature control is more accurate

11 calibration points are set in the system, and the temperature of the device can be calibrated with a standard thermometer. After calibration, the temperature accuracy of the device can be greatly improved.

● Added the function of self-tuning of control parameters, which can adapt to more use environments

The automatic parameter tuning function is added in the system. When the temperature control effect of the equipment is not good or the ambient temperature changes greatly, the user can use the automatic parameter tuning function to adjust the parameters.

● Diverse functions to meet various usage scenarios

This device has a variety of function options, including: high and low temperature alarm, high temperature prompt, language switching, unit switching, brightness adjustment, automatic temperature control parameters, control mode selection, serial communication (optional), file storage, sensor failure alarm, Temperature stability prompt and other functions.

● Small size, light weight, easy to carry

This device is specially designed for portability. It has the characteristics of small size and light weight without losing the stability of temperature control. And the time to reach a stable temperature is short, which is suitable for on-site temperature instrument verification.

● Supports the simultaneous insertion of multiple sensors, which can meet the testing and calibration of sensors of different sizes and quantities.

The machine's notch socket has 9 commonly used size sockets, which can meet the calibration use of most sensors. Users can also contact the sales staff to customize the required size.

● Excellent horizontal temperature field and vertical temperature field.

The heating medium is liquid, and the uniformity of the temperature field is excellent.

● Large screen display, touch operation

Equipped with a 7.0-inch large screen (resolution 800*480), 16-bit true color RGB display, and the temperature display of the work area is eye-catching, which is convenient for timely viewing. Full touch operation, easy to use.

● The stability condition can be set, and intelligent reminder after stabilization

The device is equipped with a set of conditions for judging temperature stability, and users can modify it as needed. When the device reaches a stable condition, it will remind the user to save waiting time.

● Comprehensive protection function, use with confidence

It has functions such as load short circuit, load open circuit, sensor protection, etc. When the equipment fails, the system will alarm in time and perform corresponding actions to protect the equipment and personal safety.

Main Specifications




Methyl silicone oil

temperature range

Room temperature+30℃~300℃

Uniformity of temperature field

better than 0.01℃

     Temperature fluctuation

better than 0.01℃

Work area size


Ambient temperature


General technical specifications:

◊ Power supply: 220V/50Hz

◊ Power: 1.2KW

◊ Volume: 5L

◊ Dimensions: 420mm*210mm*460mm

◊ Weight:15Kg

Standard accessories

✬ Three-core power cord

✬ Oil absorber

✬ 1 power fuse (in the power socket)

✬ Slot socket (9 holes, can be customized)

✬ user manual

Optional accessories

✬ USB cable

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