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ET3804 High Precision Dry Block Temperature Calibrator

Short Description:

ET3804 series portable intelligent Dry Block Temperature Calibrator (Dry Well Furnace/Bath), simple operation, light and easy to carry, accurate temperature control, suitable for laboratory and industrial field temperature calibration / metering; its calibration temperature range can be from -30 ° C to 1200 ° C, the temperature block uses high thermal conductivity Rate alloy material to ensure uniform and stable internal temperature field. Technologies such as temperature control accuracy, horizontal temperature field, vertical temperature field, stability, load capacity and hysteresis are all at the leading level in China. Widely used in machinery, shipbuilding, chemicals, food, electricity, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Product Detail

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Product Features

¤ Small size, light weight, easy to carry;

¤ Various types of insertion tubes can meet the test and calibration of sensors of different sizes and quantities. It can also be customized according to customer’s requirement;

¤ Horizontal temperature field and vertical temperature field are good;

¤ Insert depth stays the leading role in this industry

¤ 5.7 inch TFT color LCD display, full touch operation, using intuitive and eye-catching;

¤ Chinese-English interface;

¤ With the management software, the calibration data can be easily read.

¤ Quick cooling, convenient setting, good stability of temperature control;

¤ The soaking block can be replaced;

¤ Protective functions such as short circuit with load, load circuit breaking, sensor protection, etc.

¤ Measurement signal: 3 channels , 1 channel as standard,2 channel as detected channel(Multifunctional Measurement); Measurement Signal : mA/mV/V/Ω measure, DC24V output, on-off measurement and so on;

¤ Temperature Compensation: automatic ( build-in AA grade Pt100 platinum resistance )or manual

¤ Communication port: Usb Device、Usb Host、Tcp/IP(LAN)


Low Temp

Medium Temp

High Temp






Temp Range






Heating Speed







Display Accuracy





Insert Depth




Diameter of Soaking Block

A 36mm,B、C 32mm



Stability of Temp Field




Horizontal Temp Field




Vertical Temp Field

≤ 1℃ within 30mm from bottom of soaking block

≤1℃within 10mm from bottom of soaking block

Temp Unit

℃ or ℉

Temp Accuracy


Display Accuracy

0.1、0.01、0.001℃ for option

Measurement Parameter(standard channel )

The standard channel of ET3804-150 and ET3804-650is RTD signla ,ragne:0~400Ω,accuracy:±0.002Ω @(0~50)Ω,±40ppm reading @(50~400)Ω,resolution rate :1mΩ;

The standard channel of ET3804-1200 is TC signal ,range:-18~18mV,accuracy:±(0.005%rdg + 2µV),resolution rate: 1µV

Measurement Parameter(detected  2 channels  ) ·mV:-75~75mV,accuracy ±(0.01%rdg + 8uV),resolution rate 1µV;

·TC:S/R/K/B/N/E/J/T/C/D/G/L/U ,total 13 types;

·Ω:0~400Ω、0~4000Ω,accuracy:±0.002Ω @(0~25)Ω,±80ppm reading @(25~4000)Ω;

·RTD:PT10、PT25、PT50、PT100、PT200、PT500、PT1000、CU10、CU50、CU100、NI100、NI120,etc ;

·current:30~30mA,accuracy ±(0.01%rdg + 2uA);

·voltage:-30~30V、-12~12V(auto range),accuracy±(0.01%rdg + 0.6mV);

·Temperature Switch:;support mechanical switch and electric switch

·Temperature Transmitter: support current and voltage transmitter

·Loop power:DC24V±0.5V,biggest load current :60mA。

Max Power

Low temp:300W,Medium temp:1200W,High temp:3000W

Net Weight

Low temp:13kg,Medium temp:11kg,High temp:11kg

Gross Weight

Low temp:23kg,Medium temp:18kg,High temp:18kg,including Aluminum box and carton packing box


Low temp:310*190*340mm,Medium,High temp:250*150*310mm

Working Environmental

  • Environmental temp :0~50℃、related humidity ≤95%(no frozen );

The electrical measurement parameters shall be guaranteed within the range of 20±5℃


Power Supply

220VAC±10%,45~60Hz,110VAC±10% for option

Data storage

Verification data recording and export, supporting up to 250 sensors and 2500 records

Communication port

Usb Device、Usb Host、Tcp/IP(LAN)

ET3805 Intelligent Dry Block Temperature Calibrator Used In Laboratory  1
ET3805 Intelligent Dry Block Temperature Calibrator Used In Laboratory  2
ET3805 Intelligent Dry Block Temperature Calibrator Used In Laboratory  3

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