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ET251 Zero Thermostat,Ice Bath

Short Description:

ET251 zero thermostat(Cold Junction Compensation)  is a device for providing stable and accurate zero-degree temperature at the thermocouple reference end. It replaces the traditional method of providing zero-degree temperature at the thermocouple reference end with ice- water mixture. It has the characteristics of stable working temperature, high precision and easy to use. It can be used for the indexing test of various thermocouples.

Product Detail

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Product Parameter

¤ Accuracy:0 ℃ ± 0.1 ℃.

¤ Stability: ± 0.02 ℃.

¤ Evenness:<0.05 ℃.

¤ Resolution of temperature controller:0.01 ℃.

¤ Number and aperture of socket:10- ¢9.

¤ Power Supply:One-way AC 220v, maximum power 200W.

¤Working environment condition:The ambient temperature is 5℃~30 ℃ and the

relative humidity is 10% - 80%.

¤ Zero thermostat has been calibrated with standard platinum resistance thermometer

before leaving factory. Users can also calibrate themselves according to their needs. 


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