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ET2725 Multifunctional Process Calibrator

Short Description:

ET2725A,ET2725B,ET2726A,ET2726B multifunctional process Calibration instrument is a high precision hand-held signal measurement / output instrument, which can measure and output voltage, current, resistance, frequency, thermocouple at the same time. Various industrial process signals, such as thermal resistance, can be used to calibrate pressure transducers with external high precision intelligent pressure modules. It can replace current signal source, voltage signal source, resistance box, electronic potentiometer, frequency meter and other measuring and calibration instruments. Mainly used in industrial field signal calibration, fault diagnosis; also applicable to chemical, military and all kinds of research institutes, real Signal measurement and calibration in laboratory.

Product Detail

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Product Features

¤ Super strong protection function: waterproof grade IP67, arbitrary signal end misconnect 220 V automatic protection.

¤ Measurement / output: voltage, current, frequency, resistance, in which current output supports active, passive.

¤ The thermal resistance and thermocouple are simulated in the form of temperature.

¤ Can simulate two-wire transmitter.

¤ The accuracy was 0.02% (ET2725A,ET2726A ) ;0.05% (ET2725B,ET2726B ).

¤ Two isolated channels support synchronous measurement and output.

¤ Can provide manual step, automatic step, 0-100% step and slope output function;

¤ With white LED backlight, manual backlight adjustment and automatic power off function, suitable for field use.

¤ Provide DC24V circuit power suppcalibration;ly for field debugging.

¤ Unique automatic identification of three-wire, four-wire connection mode.

¤ Support customer self,Band on-off test function.

¤ Thermocouple measurement and output provide automatic and manual cold end temperature compensation.

¤ ET2726A,ET2726B can be connected to APSL type high precision intelligent pressure module to realize the pressure measurement function.

¤ Can add new thermocouple, thermal resistance type according to customer needs.

Measurement Index

Function Range Accuracy(% Reading+counts)
ET2725A ET2725B
DC V 0~60.000V(Upper Display ±30V) 0.02%+2 0.05%+2
DC mA 0-24.000mA(Upper Display ±24mV) 0.02%+2 0.05%+2
DC mV -15.000mV~80.000mV 0.02%+2 0.05%+2

(2 wires, 3wires)

0.00Ω~440.00Ω 0.15Ω 0.25Ω
400..00Ω~3200.00Ω 1.0Ω 1.5Ω
Resistance (4wires) 0.00Ω~440.00Ω 0.1Ω 0.15Ω
400..00Ω~3200.00Ω 0.5Ω 1.0Ω
  Frequency 1.000Hz~99.999Hz  






RTD Pt100,Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100

Output Index

Function Range Accuracy(% Reading+counts)
ET2725A ET2725B
DC mA(Active/Passive) 0-24.000mA 0.02%+2 0.05%+2
DC V 0~10.000V 0.02%+2 0.05%+2
DC mV -15.000mV~99.999mV 0.02%+2 0.05%+2
Resistance 10.00Ω~440.00Ω 0.15Ω 0.25Ω
400.0Ω~3200.0Ω 1.0Ω 1.5Ω
 Frequency 0.20Hz~200.00Hz  0.01%+1 0.02%+1
RTD Pt100,Pt1000, Cu50, Cu100
ET2725 Multifunctional Process Calibrator3

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